Wine is a huge part of so many cultures and the wine industry is never slowing down – so it’s no wonder that more restaurants are feeling the pressure to keep up. But should you have a huge wine selection?

We’ll explore the pros and cons, what customers want, and whether or not it’s worth it for your restaurant.

Con: The Pros and Cons of Having a Huge Wine Selection

While it is appealing to have hundreds, if not thousands of bottles in your wine collection, the truth is that you will need storage space for all of those bottles. And this means square footage – something that becomes more difficult to find as restaurants become successful and competition increases. For example, BNTO has 60+ wines on their menu (not including the list of by-the -glass options) which requires over 500 square feet dedicated to wine storage. 

Is it worth it? That depends on how much business comes from people who ask about wine or want multiple wine selections. If customers are always asking for new things then perhaps a huge selection is required; but you can’t go wrong by offering a few quality wines that will please everyone. Not only do you not have to worry about finding space, but you can also make sure the wine comes from high-quality producers and that it is priced reasonably so your customers don’t feel taken advantage of.

The bottom line is that if your restaurant doesn’t benefit from having such a large collection then it’s best to stay small and offer quality instead of quantity. If any visitors say that your wine selection is small compared to other restaurants then it’s a good idea to tell them that you focus more on the food since that’s where your pride lies.

What Customers Want from Their Wine Selection?

If you want to know what customers expect, ask them! Offer free tastings by-the -glass and see which wines are popular. You can also observe what people order off the menu to get an idea of which wines they prefer (helps if these are also wines you offer by-the-glass). These strategies help keep you up-to date with the current trends so you can provide selections that customers will be excited about when they come in. It’s also useful for marketing purposes as well; guest may think “Wow, I didn’t know that restaurant had such a great wine selection!”

Pros of Having a Huge Wine Selection?

Customers want high-quality wines and variety. So if you can offer both of these in one place, then it’s likely that they will be coming back. If nothing else, having a huge collection gives the impression that your food is so good that you go all out for your wine as well!  Customers are more willing to try something new when there is an exciting wine list available (for example at BNTO we have suggested pairings for each dish). It’s no longer just about red or white – now people can order bubblies or sweet wines too which opens them up to exploring different flavors and making their dining experience more memorable.

The truth is that people remember the restaurant, not the wine – so make sure you’re offering a wine collection to match your amazing food!  These are just some of the reasons why BNTO offers an amazing selection of wines and why we are excited to show all our fans what we’ve got.

Bare in mind that a cellar requires proper temperature control. We recommend using wifi temperature sensors to monitor temperature remotely.